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Here we, Saumya, Preetam and Ranjeet ,are back again to share our some of our last days in France...

On 15th march 2016 we had our final presentation and we all were in our traditional Indian dress..


Here is a video that helps you yo have a frame about our India..

And it was the last time with our friends..We can’t explain those feelings in words....we were very sad..very very sad to leave all our friends behind...we will miss them a lot..we had so nice friends there..

And thus we moved on our adventure again..we arrived in Chartres by TGV..

The experience we had in Chartres can be better explained by this small video..

After returning back to India..we actually felt that there was something different in the air of India..

Our families were waiting to see us...and after seeing there smile...we felt as if we were in felt as if we have achieved something very big in our life...we really felt proud upon ourself..!!


Now let’s explain you all, the SEA for which we were in France...

And we can proudly say....”YES, THE SEA HAS BEEN EXPLORED  “..

The sea above was very beautiful..

Beautiful places to go around..Great level of hardwork..Awesome weather..!!

But the sea below was the main thing which we have explored..!!

The people of France...they are really very good...everybody is so eager to know about our culture...our country..!!

We felt very happy to share some sweet moments with all of them..!!

Now let’s talk about the French food...Yes I agree..we Indians eat spicy food..but the French food has it’s own unique taste..the taste which is without any spices but is unique in it’s own way..

The cheese ...the bugget..we miss them a lot..we miss their taste..!!

The French language...we cannot believe ourselves for this...2 months before we were even unable to say “Bonjour” but now even though we are back in times we use French instead of Hindi or English..!!

So it feels very different when we use any French word now..

We don’t know, how to explain the feelings, we have ,in words..

May be this journey to France is deeply written inside our heart..the people we met...the places we visited...the food we ate...

We think that there is just one sentence that can explain our whole jouney..—  



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Namaste ... Bonjour..!!

We are Saumya,Preetam and Ranjeet..!!

We really hope that you would have enjouyed our first part of the blog...We hope to maintain the same interest in you as you have shown in our first blog..

So you are most welcome to our world of exploring..part-2..

After returning back from Romain’s house..we started our daily classes and the same routine again..

But for this weekend..something big was waiting for us to come...!!

From this weekend we had holidays for 17 days..(19 February to 6 march)..!!

Wow...what a holiday..!

During these holidays..we visited Montpellier and Rodez..

In Montpellier we were with Simon,a student of BTS Gemeau 1..we stayed for 5 days with him..and he took us to many beautiful place in Montpellier...He also gave us an opportunity to travel in Tramway..for the first time..!!

We had a great time with him.!!

In Rodez we were with Guillame Leconte,a student of BTS Aqua 2..

His family was really very nice..and we felt as if we are at home..!!

Rodez is very  beautiful and very cold place..!!

Actually, We don’t have any words to explain these 17 here we are presenting a short video of our stay in Montpellier and Rodez...

We hope that you enjoy it..!!  

Now we would like to share some of our technical parts of the study..

along with so much of fun..we also got so much to learn..all it's credit goes to all the teachers of our school in La Canourgue..

Here is a video that helps you to explain the work we used to do on fish farm..

Now there is a small video to explain the work we used to do in Fish processing unit..

At the last of our technical part we present a short video to explain the Aquaponics unit..

Keep following our blog...we request you to check out part-3 which also contains much of our adventure..

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Bonjour   friends...

We are Saumya ,Preetam and Ranjeet..who are here in France for the exchange programme DEFFIA-2 ,batch 2016..

This blog is exclusively made for for the French students who are willing to come to India..

We hope that this blog is useful to you all...!!!

Firstly , We  would like to congratulate you for being selected..!!

And you are most welcomed in India..

Here is a photo uploaded for all the important points that you must know..before coming to India..


Here is a link for the same photo shared above..


I hope that these points are useful for your journey to India..

And if you have any queries..please  contact us by commenting below..

Thank you..


We hope that you have a great stay in India..!!!

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                                                           NAMASTE TO BONJOUR

We are Saumya , Preetam and Ranjeet , students of Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology , Uttarakhand , India.

A SEA??? What comes in your mind first when you hear the word sea???

Yes of course!!! Sea is the large water body with its great depth which cannot be seen from above.

For us our journey to France is the same. Do you know how????

Let us tell you...When we get admitted in our university we

 are told that if you perform well in your studies you will get a chance to visit France in the final year;and thus the dream of our going to France starts.

France is a type of sea for us. It is not just that we visit France,but also we learn various things those that can be seen from above and those which cannot be seen...only felt.

Let us explain you the things to be explored above and below!!!

The things above the sea of France are the things that we do externally , like travelling, visiting various places, learning French , eating the French food ,attending classes ,etc..

But the main point are the things that are below the sea...and cannot be seen from the nature of French people,their attitude towards Indians ,hospitality , love , care ,beauty of France,etc...

And here we France...not to explore the things above...but to explore the sea below...

And thus our journey starts...   

We arrived at Paris airport,France on 22 January 2016,where Marrie Pierrie, sister of Mr.Jean Cristophe was waiting for us.She received us from airport then we left for her house,in Luzarches.Her family was of  four members,husband Laurent,son Octave and daughter Leontine.


They welcomed us in French style.After that we took a French dinner with them.

On the next day we were offered with a French breakfast,which was very different for us but we liked it.We left her home on 23 January 2016 at 9:00 am for visiting Paris.


Firstly we went to a fish market for buying fish.After that went to a shopping mall for buying fruits,vegetables etc.



We went to a Thai restaurant named as Bellarille Thai restaurant.The Thai lunch was very good,we liked it very much and was very different for us.

After lunch we were invited to Onto and Lily’s house;Marries friend for coffee.We were pleasd by her hospitality and then we left to discover Paris.

We visited Place de la Republique,Place des Vosges,Hotel de ville (Paris city hall),Notre Dane de Paris(Cathedral),Quais de Seine,Le lovvre museum and modern pyramid,it was very beautiful.


We also visited Rue de Rivali, Mutee d’orsag, Place de la concorde,Champs Elysees,Avenue Montaigne,Pont de Alma Trocodiro.


Most amazing thing which we saw was the Eiffel Tower,it is so beautiful.But to our disguise we were unable to see the height of tower due to cloudy weather.After that we visited Acc de Triamphe,State de France.


We left Paris at 7:30pm to be back for dinner.We prepared an international dinner with her family.They prepare fish in French style and we prepared vegetable.After taking dinner we went to our beds for rest.



On 24 January 2016 morning after taking breakfast we left her home at 9:00 AM to go to the train station for our train to the Montpellier.

We are going to miss her family.They were great!!

It is quite intresting to see France from India..and here we are with a small presentation depicting the image of France in India.-

France from India.pptx

Now,we would like to share our first feelings for France(follow the link provided)-



So here we are back again to share the sea that we have explored  in these 3 weeks.

It is great..!!!Every day brings with itself a new feeling, a new experience, and a new sea, explore...

Within past 3 weeks,we would love to say proudly that, Yes , we can speak French(and it is not that difficult as we had thought of)..we are also doing good with the French food..(It is ok for us.. and Saumya does not likes having French food)..

We have also spend our 2 weekends and those  weekends were a blast for us..they were great..!!!

In our first weekend we had visited St.Palais for RJAA..It was a pleasure to be a part of RJAA..


RJAA is meeting point for all the French students who are going to different countries and here they are guided by  their professors and seniors who have already been to other countries.

It is a great opportunity for all the students as they are guided for everything that they have to face in their respective countries.


We were also the part of RJAA and we represented our India there.


It was fun as they made us to play many different types of games and we also got a golden opportunity to interact with different students of various places..and yes we have made a lot of friends..



We got different types of cakes,candies,drinks to taste which we had never tried before..


We also made Indian Chai (tea) there and every one loved  our Chai.


And the most exciting part was our bollywood dance..everyone loved our dance and the whole environment became so light and jolly..!!!





At last we would love to say that we are proud to be a part of we got a great chance to explore our sea..Merci to all who met us in RJAA..


After the great weekend of RJAA something bigger than that was waiting for us...Saumya was attached to the fish farm and the boys had their classes..



A great shock came for saumya when the boys were send to St.Chely on 3rd feburary,2016 (Wednesday)..


It was a great experience for us..and especially for she was alone in the whole new world..!!!


So let us share some feelings of Saumya for the 3 days that she had spend alone—

“THOSE 3 DAYS” what to say about those days...I felt so alone and so bad at that time..It was good to be at fish farm..but it was worst to have the food be alone..everywhere ..At times I felt like times I felt  like shrilling over Cristoph sir..(as he was the one who had decided our timetable) and lastly to my rescue Friday came..   I met Cristoph sir on that day and ,trust me, I shouted and fought with him like anything..I cried..I was so sad..but then he made me understand that this a part of life and these are the moments to discover oneself..and yes after spending these horrible days I feel so strong inside...I have gained confidence to be alone..and to handle any situation..a big thanks to Cristoph sir..

But it was not the end of my lonely experience..our second weekend was here...I had to go with Lisa,a student of BTS Gemeau 1, to her house in Mende..What a beautiful place is that..!!!


Lisa’s  family was great with me..and to my surprise..she took me to meet my friends preetam and ranjeet and also to some of our friends which we made in RJAA...

DSCN8969 (2)

It was a great day for me as it was the first time when I saw snow and we had a lot of fun in the snow..we all enjoyed a lot..





and we made daal (pulses) for the dinner and everyone loved it..

Next morning we came back to Lisa’s house..



 we made aloo paratha there..

I should rather say that it was a great weekend for me..and all its credit goes to Lisa..A great thanks to Lisa from my side..!!

 Now we (Preetam and Ranjeet) share some feelings about the journey of St Chely without Saumya. Firstly  Mrs. Carine, the English teacher in LEGTPA Francois Rabelois school received us for going to St Chely. We met her family and took very good dinner.Then we went to Celia and JOHAN’s apartment but they had  decided to go for bowling and it was the first time for us when we played bowling.


Next day we went to Mrs.Carine’s  school and  visited arboretum (manmade forest) , Forge,Dairy farm of the school. We also saw the horse riding there. We attended classes and also represented our India there.To our great surprise..we were reported by a journalist, it was a great experience for us and then we were ready for our weekend..



We are very grateful to the school and Mr.Michel Quiot for a beautiful book that he has given us..



And thus here it comes with our weekend with Celia and her friends..We were informed that we will go  to see snowfall..So with great joy and happiness we reached to the snow...and to our surprise Saumya and Lisa we were waiting for us there..and thus with so much of enjoyment we came back to the apartment and Celia had organised a party for us..we did our bollywood dance in the party..and had lot of fun..At last we went to Maxim’s house (a student of BTS Gemeau 1 ) and he made Indian curry for us..




Now let's take some break from our experience and lets help out the Indian students....who are waiting to come to France...Here is a video which will acknowledge all the students about the procedure for coming to France..

We are back again to share the experience of a great weekend with Fontanne..

Actually we don't have any words to explain the here is a video which would help us to share our feelings with all of you...

Before starting the video we just say one word - "Thank you Romain for such a great weekend.."

                                      This was the end of part 1 of our journey...

           Follow our blog "A sea to explore above and below PART-2"...

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