Des nouvelles de nos deux volontaires européens Michèle et David en confinement depuis le 18 mars sur le lycée de MOOREA



This quarantine really changed our habits, our daily routine, and our relationships with the people we used to share our life with. Suddenly, the school closed, and the social distancing measures were put in place. Everyone and everything had to be locked down, until when the CoronaVirus would have been contained.

It has been more than 30 days that we are living this uncommon and drastic situation. But the strangest thing is that it seems like ages ago when we were able to carry on with our daily routine. Waking up at 5.30am, getting to the canteen for getting breakfast and start our daily school life. Classes in the morning and in the afternoon, playing sports, having lunch and dinner with all the other student. And there was way more than this: excursions, field trips, Vaa’a, the school open-day, and a lot of other projects going on. From one day to another we were asked to let everything go, to tear up everything and to lock down, not knowing when, how and in which way we would have been able to get back to our lives. These lives that we thought being so boring and not satisfying at all, but that suddenly we understood being the best thing we had. Because it is true, we don’t understand how much something is important to us, until when we lose it.

I have to admit that at the beginning it was not easy to have to face the quarantine. But it was clear how important was to set up a new daily routine that would have made the days pass quickly.

Not being allowed to leave the school, the first thing to do was analyzing what it would have been possible to do within the school area itself. There are plenty of open spaces around the school (farm, forest, bike trials…), there are some computers, there are a lot of books in the CDI, and there are some tools for muscle work out. It came out that it was easier than I thought to settle up something that would have been suitable for my quarantine’s everyday life.

As so, here is my quarantine routine. My alarm uses to ring at 6.30am every day. First of all, I take a shower and I have breakfast. Then, I usually go down to the computer room: checking the news from the European Union it is important, as well as call friends and family in Italy and abroad. After that, I usually do some sport activity: either I go biking, or I go running. Once I get tired, I spend some time reading. I read a lot of novels having as a principal background the Polynesian socio-cultural society, as well as novels that talk about the socio-cultural aspects of different societies within the Pacific area. I think it is a great way to get to know cultures and people far away from ours. Around 12pm I have lunch. I usually eat pasta (the most typical Italian lunch meal). And after that, either I keep reading, or I watch some movies/TV series. Then, during the afternoon, I do a second sport session: I go for another run, or I do some muscle training. Doing sport is really important, because not only it helps you to keep healthy, but even because it makes you happier and self-satisfied. Once finished my second session of sport, I read again for about another hour and then I have dinner around 6pm. As the night comes, I go back to the computer room for watching a movie, doing some researches, or planning my future. 10pm, it is time to go to bed.


My daily routine has been pretty statics for the whole quarantine period, but it has given me the force and the motivation to get along. Of course I am also starting to getting tired of it, but luckily it seems like this lock down period is coming to an end. I really hope that the school will open again soon, as there are a lot of things I am willing to do and to share with you before leaving Moorea.


Hola a todos, espero que estos días de confinamiento estén siendo lo más amenos posible para vosotros. Yo sigo aquí en el Lycée esperando a que pronto acabe esta situación y podamos retomar las clases con la mayor normalidad posible.Mientras tanto mi día a día lo dedico prácticamente a ver series o películas, algunas de ellas en francés para que cuando volvamos a la normalidadno haya perdido el hábito de poder seguir comunicándome con vosotros con mayor fluidez, también estoy aprovechando para hacer algunos cursos online en relación con la enseñanza, que como sabéis es mi objetivo futuro, y bueno por supuesto intento hacer un poquito de “promenade” cada día para mantenerme un poco en forma. También aprovecho para hablar con mi familia y amigos de España ya que como sabéis en Europa la situación esta siendo particularmente complicada, pero por suerte todo va bien por el momento.

Realmente se están haciendo largos estos días aquí sin el ambiente normal que tenía el Lycée desde que llegamos en enero y sobre todo sin esas clases de español tan divertidas y agradables y las noches de apoyo escolar tan “provechosas” jajaja, pero bueno estoy seguro de que todo eso volverá enseguida.

Ah y sobre todo espero que tanto vosotros como vuestros familiares y amigos también se encuentren bien, y lo dicho, espero poder veros muy pronto, poder retomar las clases y seguir disfrutando con vosotros estos últimos meses que me quedan aquí.

Hasta pronto chicos y chicas!!!


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