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Mon stage en Pologne ... mój praktyka w Polska

  • My presentation :

Hi there ! My name is Caroline, I'm in the last year of my Higher National Diploma (BTS) in Water Management in LEGTA Louis Pasteur (La Canourgue - Languedoc Roussillon).

I did a training period during one month in Poland, in Krakow for MPWIK which manages water supply for the city.

  • My training period:

During the training, I could see different water treatment infrastructures. I spent two weeks in Dlubnia. Dlubnia is a water plant, and the chef of Dlubnia was my trainer. I would like to thank my trainer for this luck. His name is Mariùz Olko and he is a very friendly man with french students. He was available for us when we had questions or fears. He always helped me when I was worried. 

During my training period I worked in different department. I worked in a laboratory, in a water treatment plant and in a drinkable water plant.

 The most part of the time, I stayed in Dlubnia, a plant for drinking water; I worked for one week in a laboratory making a lot of analysis on water quality.

 When I was in Rudawa, a water treatment plant in Krakow, it took one week to make the visit of the plant. I could see the great process for the sludge treatment. I saw also new process using biogas.

I mainly worked to analyze the water from different samples from different locations on the plant. After, I had to compare with the European regulation to make sure it meets EU requirements.

I was working from 8am to 14pm. To go to the work, I had to take the tramway one hour earlier.

  • My travel :

Poland is a country which is part of the European union. It’s located in the eastern part of Europe. The country is bordered by the Baltic Sea. The Vistula is the river which crosses Poland.

Warsaw is the real capital but the most popular town is Krakow, like they say: the student’s city capital.

It is located in the southern part of Poland.

The region is famous for its young population because there are a lot of all types of schools and universities.

It’s famous for the gorgeous architecture and the beautiful monuments like on photo.

Poland is a European country but the polish currency isn’t the euro. They use Zloty. To compare with France, one euro is approximately four zlotys.

The cities are developed, but when I went to the countryside. I was shocked in some places by the standards of living. In rural areas, some of the polish people work in the field with tools.

If you go to Krakow, you’re going to see it everywhere : “ Vodka Zubrowka”. It’s the vodka with bison grass, it is known all over the world. Another thing you’re can see a lot in Cracow is Zurek. This is a soup with eggs, vegetables and bacon. It’s very tasty and nice when the weather is cold !

  • My feelings :

I was afraid of meeting my trainer and the other plant workers. Finally, they were very kind with me.

I didn’t think I would be able to speak in English so easily with polish people. It’s more simple than I thought to use the technical language.

This was so amazing to make alone water analysis to check the water plant quality.

I was getting excited when I met new men because there are a lot of workers in the plant.

I loved my training in Poland, it was very very enriching and instructive for me. It's an unbelivable experience. Discovery of new way of life, new people, simply a new life is really good for you.

  • My tips :

The first and the most important tip : Dare to go abroad !!!

You also have to prepare yourselg. Go to Poland it's not easy, you must organize yourself. For example, you have to call the hostel or buy the plane tickets. After the main steps, you have to get some information about the country, the habits of the Poles ...

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