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Internship in France : Worth spending 2 months in learning new things , culture , behaviour & practices !!!!

Explaining these 2 months in words are not enough as it is something you have to exeperience .

Our internship can be divided into two phases :

1. Study and training

2. Exploring France

These two phases came in our lives with a lot of memories to be cherished life long . These 2 months in France have taught us many things which will have an impression in our lives wherever we go . Studying with french students and staying with French families helped us to know about the subject and french culture more clearly .

We lived and enjoyed these two different phases in France .

 We were lucky to witness the COLOUR FEST in chartres . The Mayor of chartres once took part in  the holi festival in India and liked it a lot and decided to have a same fest in chartres .




We got an opportunity to do a radio pragramme in Chartres . We answered various questions about India and enjoyed the whole session.



                                                    PHASE 1. : STUDY : STAY IN INSTITUTE


From the first day till the last day in the institute we have learned a lot of new things and practices about our field which helped  to add up new  knowledge in us . Being the students of food processing we got to learn about processing of various food products , some of them being totally new and different for us . Emphasis was given on LEARNING BY DOING so we practised a lot of new things and learned alot .

Our mentors Mr. Alain Devailly and Mr.Gerard Martin helped us in every step with full enthusiasm and helped us to perform in different circumstances , they gave their 100% to teach us and make our internship worth doing .Their energy level and dedication motivated us to do our best and learn as much as we can . We will surely take this energy level with us back to our college and try to improve as much as we can . We will surely miss them as they are our family we have in France .

During these 2 months we learned about the following products :

1. Apple juice

2. Yoghurt

3. Cheese

4.Ice cream

5. Bugget

6. Croissant

8. Canning

9. Wheat milling

10. Jam

11. Biscuits

We learned about various steps of making and processing of these products and practised them timely . We spent hours in lab learning about these products . Apart from labs we also had lecture classes to brief us about the subject and the products .Practical work helped us to understand the field more clearly and precisely .

We worked with different machines and equipments and learned about their functioning and  managing . The aura of lab was always filled with energy and interest of different students . 

We got to know about French style of teaching ,  learning and practising which was totally new and different for us . It was great to learn about the new things and experience the life of students in France .

In the institute we met different people including students , teachers and the staff . Some people left a great impression and influenced us in a good way . We met English professor  Mrs.Lydia Perello who have a dynamic personality and a charismatic aura . I remember the first day when i met her , it was in english class where i had to present India through a presenetation . Students were curious and with lot of questions wanted to know about India . Earlier i was a little nervous but then it turned to be a great intercultural exchange session with a lot of questions and answers . The only gap in between was THE LANGUAGE . Many people wanted to interact and we too wanted to talk but the language gap didnt allowed us to do so . We interacted with the English speaking mass and it was fun .


So , after 2 months of stay i can surely say that this intership was worth doing with great experiences and different feelings which helped me to learn & experience new things and open my mind to changes !!!!



                                              PHASE 2 : WEEKENDS WITH FRENCH FAMILIES

 I loved this concept of spending weekends with family , it was the time full of fun and enjoyment . Infact we always eagerly waited for weekends to come :)

With families we enjoyed the most and experienced the most . It was the great way to see and experience French lifestyle . We went to different parts of France with different families which was otherwise impossible to do . We cooked Indian food for them and tasted their food . Spending days with families  added up to new memories in our French Diaries . Visiting the famous spots, places , areas was fun and exciting for us .

We visited  many places like :

1. Tour Eiffel (Dream since childhood :))

2. Catacomb ( Love horror and suspense ;) )

3.Louvre De museum ( always wanted to see  MONA LISA )

4.Palace of Versailles (Astonished by  King Louis XIV palace )

5. Chateau de Maintenon (beautiful palace)

6. Cathedrale de Chartres ( magnificant light show )

7. Château de Chambord (Just wow )

8. La Turballe beach (enjoyed listening to sound of Atlantic ocean waves )

9. La Rochelle (ahhh .... what a beautiful place )

10. Galerie Lafayette ( oo la la ... what a place .....  )



It was fun with families as some of families dont speak in English and yes we dont speak french ... so it was like a task for us :D ... NOT ONLY WE LEARNED FEW FRENCH WORDS BUT ALSO LEARNED SIGN LANGUAGE AND HOW TO USE ACTIONS TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND OUR POINT .

We were lucky to get an opportunity to experience and explore France .
Also we are very thankful to the french families for inviting us for the weekends and making us feel like home , we really appreciate their hospitality and kind nature .



                                                    DEPARTURE : A MIXED EMOTION 


Its a totally different and strange feeling i have when i think about leaving this place and going back to India .The  Moment starting from the  first day at the charles de gaulle airport strike my mind  as a movie  FLASHBACK . Now i realise the worth of those moments we lived in France ... they are MEMORIES TO BE CHERISHED LIFE LONG .

Remembering  the days when we used to count days to go back to India .... but now somehow it feels like why dont we have more time to stay here .. learn here ... enjoy here .... and on the other hand we eagerly want to meet our family and friends in India . The only word which can explain my feeling right now is STRANGE . It is really strange how i have developed a mixed emotions for this place ... may be it is due to the time i have spent here ... or the people i have met ... or the things i have learnt . Its a strange and great feeling at the same time which cannot be explained in words .


Its the final time to say GOODBYE ( au revoir) France , u gave us a lot of memories .

We are not going back empty hands but with loads of love ,friendship ,lessons, experience and memories.



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  • Although it is very difficult to explain the experience in words, you did it very well!! Nice Blog ....worth reading & sharing!!


  • blog is super

  • we are also cherishing the moments.....still a long way to go maam...beautiful blog :)

  • grt going! best wishes§

  • Thankyou so much alain sir ! ...
    This is nothing ... there are many more things
    . :)
  • Thank you Archana. This blog is beautiful

    You're always Wellcome

  • Thanku so much jean christophe sir for everything :)
  • Animateurs MoveAgri

    Love it !!  So happy for you !  Only the people who have experienced that can understand this incredible feeling !   Bon voyage !!!

  • Thankyou so much sir :)

    merci sir

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