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I Parul Upreti with my 2 friends Bhumika Arora and Deepak Joshi are the students from G.B Pant University,India.We have an exchange programme with Lycee Piscicole de La Canourgue.We are here for our training in cold water fisheries for about 2 months.This exchange programme was initiated by Mr.Jean Christophe Ygrie with our university.It is the first agriculture university in Asia and the Green Revolution started from our university.

We are staying in France almost 2 months in La Canourgue.

I have observed a lot of differences in France and Indian culture,lifestyle,cuisine and many more things.This blog of mine is regarding the same.

I would like to start by telling about both the countries.

Firstly INDIA,

It is a country of rich cultural heritage with different languages,castes and way of life.It is the 7 largest country by geographical area.

Indian Emblem

It has 29 states,7 union territories..area is 32,87,590 1.28 billion population..22 major languages..3 major seas {Indian ocean, Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal}.."Himalayas"-the highest mountains..
4 major religion..17 major festivals..and it is the 2nd largest Agricultural country..

New Delhi is the capital of india.

I would now like to show the "REAL INDIA "..with the video.

<br /><small><a href="">Découvrez d'autres vidéos similaires sur <em>Moveagri</em></a></small><br />

Secondly, FRANCE

It is a european country, officially called the french republic.


It has the area of 6,40,679 and population of 66.3 million people.
Paris is the capital of france and is the largest city and main commercial and cultural centre.The french citizens enjoy the high standard of living.It receives the highest number of tourist every year because of some beautiful monuments.




are two different countries as you can see with absolutely different geography..culture..cuisine and much more..

I have been here in france for 2 months and i visited many places in france and after all i have found these differences which i show from the video.

In France people enjoy a high standard of living.They work more seriously.They have a fast life.and also the French language is the one of the romantic languages.

In French, people don’t really say “I miss you.” They say “tu me manques,” which means “you are missing from me.”


In India the hapiness is in the air,a colourful country, though there is poverty but still people are happy and they keep smiling all the time

.It is a country where you cannot be alone because indian people are social,gregarious and always like to be in the company.So they never leave you alone.In india, Guest are treated as GODS.

In the end i would like to say,what i felt is that if you visit a country,in order to need to feel that you are the part of the country and you love the country and ofcourse a willingness to learn about that country will surely help you out.

Thank you France for such a wonderful experience.
Je T'aime France !!!

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