Arianna notre volontaire CES en Polynésie : Bilan du mois avril 21



               Time runs fast in Moorea; weeks happen quickly but I try to take every moment as an opportunity! These two months have been intense and full of surprises!


First, I would like to talk about an amazing activity that I did with the girls of Terminal STAV. We had the opportunity to spend an afternoon together and I thought about going to Beach Ta'ahiamanu together and doing a beach cleaning activity.













We ate some pizza together and spent a joy afternoon! It was important for me to see how the girls care about their island and work hard to keep it clean, and these informal moments bring me closer to the students and allows me to get to know them better.


Another activity was to prepare a two-meeting project with some classes talking about the difference between Europe and the European Union. After a first presentation of the countries belonging to the EU, I asked to the students to choose some of the countries that catch their attention and which they would like to know more about.



Then, into groups, they presented the chosen countries to their class talking about the traditions, the typical products, some curiosities, the symbolism of the flag and I tried my hand at preparing some typical dishes of the chosen countries. It was a moment of sharing and an important moment during my journey in the European Solidarity Corps because I saw in the students aroused curiosity to discover new cultures, to deal with the different and see it as a resource.


    The activities do not end there, in addition to English lessons and golf classes I had the pleasure of accompanying the students of 1ére STAV on a walk. It was a carefree moment, the guys are really mastering of their territory, it's nice to see how they move agile, without fear, barefoot, on their beautiful island, always letting themselves be surprised by something. One last, but not least, I would like to talk about the opportunity I had to do my Scuba diving - Level 1. Thanks to the project of the European Solidarity Corps, I had the opportunity to choose a certified activity to carry out on the island, and among the different options I chose this one. I was thrilled with this opportunity and it was truly wonderful to discover the underwater world. Thanks to my coach, Pascal, for the first time I saw the world from another perspective. The silence and peace that welcome you underwater gave me a serenity that I have never experienced before. It was a precious experience that I will never forget.  It's only a couple of months until end of the project, and I am sure that new experiences await me, but certainly so far, I am excited about everything I have learned.



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