Today I wake up and Mount Rotui silently wish me good morning, a few small clouds surround it and the roosters crow.

Let's start the day.

October and November were two decisive months for me, a full immersion in my new life in Polynesia, a continuous discovery, new friends, new experiences, I started to become familiar with French, a few new words in Tahitian.

Not bad at all 😊


Today is November 18th, we will build a pirogue with the students of Tle B.Pro Horti / Amè.

After an initial theoretical class, we went to look for materials in the forest: bamboo, palm leaves to weave for cordage and tools for working wood.

 Let's get started!

Seeing the guys so focused, passionate and collaborative motivated me more than ever to do my best during the activity. I learned to make cordage by weaving palm leaves, to be creative with what you have. I am grateful and lucky to be able to learn so much.

Music, concentration and a common goal.

And our pirogue is ready!




Another moment that I particularly love is the Cultural Club. The activities proposed to the students enhance the Polynesian territory and traditions, such as the activity oflearn to make wood carvings.

After a first moment of observation, we tried to do it too: it is really a difficult job that requires concentration,

talent and a lot of patience.


8249389870?profile=RESIZE_584xNature offers everything we need and gives us everything free.

Knowing nature is a precious knowledge to be valued, preserved and protected.but after some advice and a little practice, helped by expert craftsmen, we too managed to make part of the sculpture.

Working here took me back to my childhood and everything tastes different.











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