Here we, Saumya, Preetam and Ranjeet ,are back again to share our some of our last days in France...

On 15th march 2016 we had our final presentation and we all were in our traditional Indian dress..


Here is a video that helps you yo have a frame about our India..

And it was the last time with our friends..We can’t explain those feelings in words....we were very sad..very very sad to leave all our friends behind...we will miss them a lot..we had so nice friends there..

And thus we moved on our adventure again..we arrived in Chartres by TGV..

The experience we had in Chartres can be better explained by this small video..

After returning back to India..we actually felt that there was something different in the air of India..

Our families were waiting to see us...and after seeing there smile...we felt as if we were in heaven...it felt as if we have achieved something very big in our life...we really felt proud upon ourself..!!


Now let’s explain you all, the SEA for which we were in France...

And yes..now we can proudly say....”YES, THE SEA HAS BEEN EXPLORED  “..

The sea above was very beautiful..

Beautiful places to go around..Great level of hardwork..Awesome weather..!!

But the sea below was the main thing which we have explored..!!

The people of France...they are really very good...everybody is so eager to know about our culture...our country..!!

We felt very happy to share some sweet moments with all of them..!!

Now let’s talk about the French food...Yes I agree..we Indians eat spicy food..but the French food has it’s own unique taste..the taste which is without any spices but yes..it is unique in it’s own way..

The cheese ...the bugget..we miss them a lot..we miss their taste..!!

The French language...we cannot believe ourselves for this...2 months before we were even unable to say “Bonjour” but now even though we are back in India..at times we use French instead of Hindi or English..!!

So it feels very different when we use any French word now..

We don’t know, how to explain the feelings, we have ,in words..

May be this journey to France is deeply written inside our heart..the people we met...the places we visited...the food we ate...

We think that there is just one sentence that can explain our whole jouney..—  



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