Namaste ... Bonjour..!!

We are Saumya,Preetam and Ranjeet..!!

We really hope that you would have enjouyed our first part of the blog...We hope to maintain the same interest in you as you have shown in our first blog..

So you are most welcome to our world of exploring..part-2..

After returning back from Romain’s house..we started our daily classes and the same routine again..

But for this weekend..something big was waiting for us to come...!!

From this weekend we had holidays for 17 days..(19 February to 6 march)..!!

Wow...what a holiday..!

During these holidays..we visited Montpellier and Rodez..

In Montpellier we were with Simon,a student of BTS Gemeau 1..we stayed for 5 days with him..and he took us to many beautiful place in Montpellier...He also gave us an opportunity to travel in Tramway..for the first time..!!

We had a great time with him.!!

In Rodez we were with Guillame Leconte,a student of BTS Aqua 2..

His family was really very nice..and we felt as if we are at home..!!

Rodez is very  beautiful and very cold place..!!

Actually, We don’t have any words to explain these 17 days..so here we are presenting a short video of our stay in Montpellier and Rodez...

We hope that you enjoy it..!!  

Now we would like to share some of our technical parts of the study..

along with so much of fun..we also got so much to learn..all it's credit goes to all the teachers of our school in La Canourgue..

Here is a video that helps you to explain the work we used to do on fish farm..

Now there is a small video to explain the work we used to do in Fish processing unit..

At the last of our technical part we present a short video to explain the Aquaponics unit..

Keep following our blog...we request you to check out part-3 which also contains much of our adventure..

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