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"Min praktik i Sverige" or "My internship in Sweden"

Hej där, 

Let me introduce myself, I'm Anissa Bengattat, 22 y/o student in HND - Management and Protection of Nature in Vic-en-Bigorre.

For my three weeks internship, I have chosen to do it in Karlstad University, Sweden

I had been quite a long time I haven't been studying at the university. I guess I was missing it actually, all this knowledge gathered in a same place, all these interesting lectures you can chose based on what you are interested on, being able to build your network thanks to interesting and interested people. 

In brief, I had to experiment it. At least to make sure I can go for a bachelor, and ideally, a master.
Why abroad? Because travelling is the best way to open people's mind, to see new things, different methods.
Why in Sweden? Well, actually because I knew a French Master student there, and the idea of visiting this country was so significant.

So, I have been practicing with the new Master program of "Ecology and Conservation Biology".

By the way, I wrote my own article on their website, explaining the different missions I had,
go have a look : 

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Commentaire de L'équipe Moveagri le 12 décembre 2018 à 21:10

On adore tes blogs en anglais et espagnol, merci pour le lien "story" sur le site de ta structure de stage. C'est chouette !!!


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