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During this internship, I have learnt a lot

• I have done practicle work, collecting macro-invertebrates samples in a 2°C cold water at Rannån's stream

• I have done laboratory work, sorting and identifying the larvae we have found.

With the help of Dr. Durtsche and his student, we weigh and measured them, so we could estimate their calorie intake. 

What for? To make links with the fishes' consumption of macro-invertebrates and the consequencies of a potential variation of their quantity in the stream.

• I have participated to some experiments in the stream aquarium laboratory, calculating brown trouts' oxygen consumption. Also, another experiment on their behaviour changements, linked to the changement of temperature, and the presence, or not, of a predator. 

• Also, this internship has been about discovering new landscapes. When I arrived, it was winter, eventhoughwe were in april ! I was glad to see snowy forests, and iced lakes. I even did camping and bathed into iced lake ! 

• Finally, I have met wonderful people. Not only Swedish ones, I also met Erasmus students there, and we did spend good times after classes. It was a good way to feel more implicated in the university's life.

Tack så mycket !

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Commentaire de Laissac Delphine le 14 mai 2018 à 16:35

Bravo Anissa! Beau témoignage (en anglais de surcroit!) sur ton stage.

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