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We 3 (Anushka, Megha and Sushmita) started our journey from INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, New Delhi on 16 January, 2018 with 12 other student from different colleges of PANTNAGAR UNIVERSITY. It was a great start to our journey as we had a lot of fun in airport while waiting for the flight to take off.

During our journey to France we have several layovers in between; Delhi-Moscow-Paris-Toulouse.


We reached Toulouse on 16 January, 2018 at 11:30 p.m. and went to F1 Hotel for night stay.

Next morning, we had a delicious french breakfast in hotel and went to Rodez which is our final destination for Integration Week.


On 17 January we were in Rodez and had our WELCOME with world famous traditional French cake “Madeleine” and coffee. Indeed it is the fluffy, bakery-styled, yummy welcome of us in France and we LOVE that!

And on 18 January comes the most exciting as well as difficult part – FRENCH LESSONS at our own TAJ MAHALLLLL (a class room in Rodez) !!!!


Our visit to labs and field are most exhilarating and refreshing part as we come to know professors, students and workers more closely including the majestic beauty of Rodez.

 Then comes the time to test our French language skills. Time for “RODEZ EXPRESSS...”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this we had given several tasks to complete. It is more like ‘playing cum learning’ for us. This is the most thrilling and fun part of our stay in Rodez. Not only had we come to know the pronunciation skill of speaking French but also decipher the reason behind “Language of Love- FRENCH”.

We also get the opportunity to work in the processing unit. We are divided into 2 teams to make COOKIES and BRIOCHE.


At the end, before leaving Rodez we all get a grand soiree (party). We had Aloo Paratha, Chai,  Gulab Jamun and Ladoo made by French students, which indeed reminded us of India. The most astonishing part was to see Indian attire in French Land. Yes! Isabelle Mam, Noel Sir. All dressed in elegant and traditional Indian dresses remind us of Indian feasts.

The students, the professors, the staff, the party.... made it most difficult part for us to leave Rodez. We not only get the love of our family in another land but also the memories which instil our mind with excitement and zing.

We cry (when we leave), we laugh,

We love, we live!

Merci France! Merci DEFIAA! pour nous faire sentir comme de la famille.

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Commentaire de christophe Groell le 12 février 2018 à 17:58

Ustad  ! toujours professionnel !  :)

Commentaire de Dr Somesh Kumar Joshi le 8 février 2018 à 11:07

good job little ustaad  !!!!

Commentaire de sophie barataud le 8 février 2018 à 8:10

What a great group! The students & staff who had the chance to spend time with you had a great time:) Thank you for your smiles, sharing, energy & dancing ;)

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