It was exciteful for me to work in the lab. Entry in food technology lab begins by wearing of lab coat ,head cover and lab boots which is a good initiative for clean production.We were introduced by the students that had came to university from different companies of France to work.It was an amazing experience to work with them The lab is equipped with many modern machines which is a new experience. Mr. Martin and Devailly help and explain the working of different machines.The The lab work is very interesting and manufacture of various French food is learnt. Many productions Like cake, icecream, etc take place in the laboratory in a day and after completing the production work the students wash the recipients and their working areas with water and disinfectant by which the laboratory remains clean and hygienic .Then all the students put out their safety clothing for their washing. All the professors present in the laboratory guide students and stay in the lab with them till the end .we learnt various freanch food which is new for us.The day was fruitful.

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