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My name is Kassandra Warlop, i’ve 19 years old, I am in BTSA GEMEAU (Managment of Water) at school Louis Pasteur in the Canourgue (48). I am going to tell you my story, my adventure ! My school gave me the opportunity to leave abroad in the framework of an intership for my formation. At the beginning I arrested and I was a little stress little but with time I was motivated  because my friend Pouget Maria wished accompaning me and doing same internship as me.

After all of the preparation, here we are left to : take the road, Finally rather the planes for the BRAZIL. More exactly a plane of 2h30 flight from my family, Nice Côte d’Azur until to LISBONE after an other plane of 8h of flight from LISBONNE to SALVADOR in BRAZIL. In SALVADOR, I find Maria, we stay in SALVADOR for 3 days and after we took the bus for 8h in direction to PETROLINA which is a region of the Northeast.

To realize our internship on the irrigation and utilisation of water in Brazil.

I’m going to try hard to tell you my story and I wich you will tempt to take the plunge for you too.

PETROLINA presentation 

It is a city in the West of the State of Pernambouc, she marks her border with the state of Bahia.

In more, because all the various visits that we were able to make as churches, schools, stores, processions, choirs … PETROLINA is a very religious city.

Pernambouc is one of the federal States of Brazil. He is situated in the Northeast of Brazil.

For the description of the climate, imagine your scrublands, where rains is rare but sometimes very strong, in PETROLINA it is even worse because there is less water. It is a region with a semi-arid climate. To give you an idea, he didn’t rain for 3 years ! 

How I may speak to you of Petrolina without speaking about it river Rio Sao Francisco river

The Rio Sao FRANCISCO is an important brazilian river. The river is a long of 3 160 km. The river crossbar the vast and less populated regions.

The river is the only ressource in water the most accessible of the pond of Pernambouco. For the distribution of the water, the city even created a channelof 60 km long, use for the irrigation and drainkable. If you wish more details I go as far as to you discovering the blog of Maria Pouget (my friend), which will explain you the utilisation of water in the Campus who welcome us.

As I was able to notice it, the interaction of river and the city is very bad in terms of water. It is caused by most the day before left the city which is not linked with the sewer system and rejets the totality of it wastewater in the river. The second part of the city, more recent is linked with the sewer system.

To avoid this problem of the rejet of wastewater in the river, Victor, an old student of Campus, in charge of the environmental conservation, has un project instalation of a system water treatment with trees. For the system of treatment, a channel winding on the bank surrounded with trees will be set up. The trees will drink the water minerals and substance for the development and the taking out water of dispositif will be less loaded in harmful elements. And by thinking well, this project will be just as much beneficial to restore banks of the river but yes it was necessary to think of it.

And I think, I will learn you something but the 2nd biggest artificial lake of the world is in the middle of the river Rio San Francisco.

The artificial lake is created by humans with hydroelectric dam to feed the city of PETROLINA with electricity.

But what is very shocking, it is that PETROLINA is a city very dry with the climate semi-aride and if you remember what I told you higher, he haven’t not rain for 3 years.

Given that the water becomes scarce in this city the artificial lake is at a 7 % height only.

Because of this low reserve of water in this lake, the hydroelectric dam cannot work to feed electricity for city of PETROLINA.

On the lake, he was installed fish farmings but it is not the problem. Unfortunately, today there are still absurd tourist activities which waste the water of the lake.

It is estimated that in 10 years the lake will be dry!

Nevertheless the situation of the city of PETROLINA and the lake is not the most worrisome. At 2 hours of PETROLINA is an EMBRAPA institute which we were able to visit.

EMBRAPA is an intitut of the agriculture and irrigation research.

We visited parcelle and search of the institut as well as a plot of land which is irrigation drip on the basis of rain forecast plan but as you understood, it is not anymore raining so this installation does

not work at present.

We also saw the installation of rains water recuperation. The installation is white that is very rare but allow to reflect the sun, a very good idea to save some energy.

In the surroundings is tablecloths of salty waters which can be used after a treatment in reverse osmosis but this process is too expensive at present.

Later we have, the chance to go to a small village not far from this institute. The village  has not agriculture and depend only of outside water delivery to live because the money is not there. EMBRAPA is very invested in the development and helped the village. To progress of water installation and the agriculture is favourable this moment and the institut even hope to spread all it on 1ha.

EMBRAPA is not the only one to work on systems bursar for the irrigation. CODEVASFT also works on it for a thrifty management of the water.

CODOVASF is a business federal. It is a company governmental old of 35 years that work on the but of irrigation development system large-scale in the dry areas.

We go to the compagnie CODOVASF for a project presentation.

At the begining, the equipment is very expensive, they want to create an irrigation system less expensive. Over the years the prices decreased but the water is more expensive.

Tips and tricks to travel in Brazil

Travel :

To travel in tranquillity I used the company of TAP Portugal with a good comfort and a travel sécurity. Think of taking your tickets as soon as possible to hope not to pay a high price.

 The Brazilian culture :

The bresilian are very harmful,  predominantly catholic, the family is very big. Take time to greet and say goodbye to every person present. The contact physical is very important for the communication bresilian. The « O.K » is considerated as very vulgar.

And keep in head, the lateness in Brazil is not problem but for brazilian people not for you !

For sécurity :

-              Never stay alone

-              Take a copy of the papers (passeport…)

-              Return the money an various pockets in you

-              Avoid go out at night

-              Use the official taxi is better

-              Avoid buying food next door the beach because the hygiene is not good

-              Not carry dear clothes and jewellery

-              Anf of course not forget the solar cream, because that warming !

Becareful of pick pocket and agression in the street, with reinforcing sécurity the criminels to mass in the cibles of the more value.

For further information, I redirect you towards Maria Pouget blog ( which will be a complement of my blog.

And know that you will leave undoubtedly with fears, apprehensions, but you will return with memories, of new friends but especially with many regrets not to stay there longer… We leave with fears but we return with regrets!

I wish you as us to have the opportunity to leave abroad because I assert it to you, you will not be disappointed.

On this link it finds a short video on availability of the water in Brazil : 

Unforgettable memories !

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