8 new expressions that became a part of my vocabulary within my first month in France

Learning a new language surely requires hundreds of hours of dedicated classwork, but nothing works wonders for your vocabulary better than living in the country of its origin! Here are eight new expressions that became a part of my daily vocabulary within my first month in France:

1. " Coucou! "

An informal substitute for " Bonjour " or " Salut " , I learned soon that this is a handy word with which to start your SMSes.

2. " Oh la Vache! "/ " T'es vachement sympa. "

While the first is a direct substitute for "Holy Cow!", the second shows you just how much this country loves its cows. And you thought the cow was only sacred in India!

3. " Non ? Si ! "

A positive answer to a negative question or asumption. English speakers don't need a convenient word like this to avoid confusion, do they? Mais si !

4. " Ce truc, machin... "

Turns out every language has like handy filler words and stuff to make short sentences sound like long, well-thought-out things, ya know?

5. " N'importe quoi ! "

What's funny about this one is that an exact translation of this expression exists in Hindi (koutch bhî !), and it's used to express the same feeling of disbelief as in French!

6. " C'est le bazar ! "

Used to describe a place that's not very tidy, "bazar" is actually a Hindi word for a crowded and untidy marketplace.

7. " C'est chouette ! "

Literally, this would translate to "This is a little cauliflower!", but it's actually meant to express one's delight at seeing something cute, like a little cauliflower.

8. " C'est pas évident ! "

This one, my personal favourite, can be used for when you're explaining something serious and complicated and run out of arguments.

So, it goes without saying that my first month in France was the best French lesson ever!

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Commentaire de Anna Ivanova le 12 janvier 2018 à 17:31

C'est rigolo :)

But actually, bazar is from Persian ;)

Commentaire de Shruti IYER le 9 janvier 2017 à 10:44

Merci beaucoup ! Vos commentaires sont appréciés :)

Commentaire de Sylvie MALGORN le 6 janvier 2017 à 11:59

C'est pas faux! (tiens, on pourrait ajouter celle là!)

Commentaire de Camille Leveque le 6 janvier 2017 à 11:29

True and funny :-D 

Commentaire de Animateurs Moveagri le 6 janvier 2017 à 10:39

Génial !!!

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