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It was 24th of January, 2018, my last day of stay in Rodez in the integration week. From the morning, we were waiting for the moment. At last, we were given the time to leave for specified destinations. So, packing started. The time passes so quickly and we find ourselves standing with our luggage in the 'Taj Mahal Room'. We had to leave our eyes to Pau.

In the car, we were 5 people sitting. We, I mean Neha and me, were a little anxious about the uncertainty and also about detachment from the small family. We reached at about 20:00 hrs. Truly speaking, it was not our expectations and we were not very comfortable with the host teachers. Nevertheless, we were given a good meal for the night and a good accommodation in the student's hostel. Oh yes, how can I forget about meals, Lussie mam, our coordinator in Montardon said, of course, the meal is with beef. We both were stunned for a moment and we did not get scared, it was a joke, you will get used to my weird sense of humor soon.

The first night was quite awkward, new place, new people, new environment, it would be fine in some days, I said to me. Next morning, we were on a tour of the institute with Lussie mam. By that time, we have been used to making jokes. She was always very nice and kind to us. Later in the morning, we went to the institutional farm for vaccination program with Brune's class. Who is Brune? Oh, yes, she is a student of Montardon school and we are coming to Pantnagar in coming to July. So, back to the class. The cows were very robust and anxious too. Perhaps due to their illness or something, they have been restless and posed to a great difficulty for the students to handle them. But as expected, they did it with great expertise and precision. In the evening we have a new character, Chantal Mam, full of energy and positive vibes. We went to Bollywood dance class in the night. We were amazed to see the girls were dancing and singing to Bollywood songs. We also had dinner with Chantal mam. Truly it was a great experience.

We have a lot of conversations with India, Indian farming, our culture etc. In the evening we were taken to Lussie 's mam' s house for dinner. We were very happy to be in her family. At that night we both were feeling cold. So, we took a walk in the nearby stadium. We were told that we will be going to the beach on Saturday with Lionel sir and Christine mam. We were so excited.

Oh no! Saturday morning was not bad for us. We decided to stay in the room and rest. All the teachers were very worried about us and they visited a number of times at our place and took a great care. We were so loved by the people in Montardon that we always felt homely even when we were miles away from home.

On Sunday, we were again at Lussie's mam's home to enjoy the weekend with the family. In the afternoon we had a trip to the historical center of Pau and the majestic view of the Pyrenees. We were amazed to know the legends about the Henry the fourth and the development of the city. It was really mesmerizing.

Next day we were appointed by the director Ms. Detaille and other board members. In the afternoon, we had a guided visit to the Orthez Farm with John Sir. We had visited the machinery and visited the institutional library there. We also made some friends from the group of students learning English in that institutions. They were really very nice to us.

Tuesday, it was most popular, especially in my life. Because we visited the Pyrenees ski resort and had a lot of fun with Chantal mam and Mialy. It was the first time in my life to see and feel such snowy mountains. In the evening, we prepared Indian Chicken masala and Aluke Parathe for a small group of Brune's friends and we enjoyed the meal together.

Next day we had a walk in Pau with Blandine and Eloise. After that, we played bowling ball with them. It was my first experience with bowling and running, it was awesome.

That afternoon we visited an exhibition if the new technologies in agriculture eg. Precision farming equipment, drones and much more in a nearby village.

Axoa, Apple Comport, Yogurt and Chicken with pineapple. It was great with the staffs and students there.

We are spending this weekend with Brune's family. We lived there as we were the member of their family. We also put Brune's cats, donkeys, and horses. We also tried horse riding with her. It was quite new and good experience.

For the next week, we went to Candia for an internship. We visited their production lines and other parts of the factory and learned a lot from the people in Candia. They were also very nice and we were treated as a celebrity there.

In the mid-week, we were also warmly welcomed by the Mayor of the Montardon. It was very proud and royal feeling for us to be honored in such a way.

On Thursday we were given an official farewell from the institute of Montardon. That night we had a great experience in the traditional carnival in Paris with hungry girls, hunters, bears and bear chainers with a lot of music, suspense, dance and a drink of the chilly night.

So it was the end of our stay in Montardon. We exchanged gifts for the memories and we are leaving for Toulouse. In the train, it is the same. We are anxious and uncertain about new places and people, full of sadness of detachment of the newly made friends and family in Montardon. But from the last experience, we know somewhere in our minds that everything is going to be nicer and full of memorable events. The weather was chilly but the people of Montardon were so warm and adorable that we never felt out of place in Montardon.

# PrithwirajDey & NehaRawatReporting #ThankstoDEFIAA #ThankstoMontardonFamily

#Special to Lussie Mam, Chantal Mam, Christine Mam, Lionel Sir, Sir Benjamine, Co-Director Sir and Director Mam







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Commentaire de christophe Groell le 12 février 2018 à 17:55

Nice experience ! Bravo !  :)

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