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God morgen everybody !

          I'm Jordan, aquaculture student from the Lycée Louis Pasteur from La Canourgue (France, 48) to be Aquaculture Certificated Technician. 

          I've done 2 months of training period in Norway to discover a new type of aquaculture, in a new place for me. I chosen Norway because her great water ressource offer a huge aquaculture potential, that's why it's a real opportunity for me to learn aquaculture. Moreover, it's the legendary norwegian landscape and his fjords and moutains which has confirmed my choice to go there ! 

So, I'm gonna present you my trip and discoveries throught these 2 months ! Good reading ! :)

Wednesday, the 31th of may : arrival

          At the arrived in Norway, This is Mette Holmefjord Olsen who picked me up at the Bergen's airport. This is my coordinator during the whole journey. She's bring me to my location at Eikelandsosen. My host is Ole Bjorn Eikeland, mathematics and chemestry teacher to the Fusa school.

Thursday, the 1st of june

           I had to introduce myself in front of the norwegian's aquaculture students of the Fusa school. I talked about myself, my country, and about our own aquaculture.                                                                 It was my first introducing as a french alone in front of strangers. First big experience !  Now I'm totally in immersion.

           I passed one day with these students to the Bergen's aquarium. I discovered a good part of norwegian's fishes, but I also saw some animals like penguins or sea lions! It's was a good moment.

I also followed the class to visit the Lift-Up society, very famous in Norway's aquaculture. This society creates special pumps to lift-up deads fishes from the bottom of cages.

It's time to start work!

I start working at Podlen. At this place is situed the salmons brood stock and eggs. Can you imagine a 21 kilos salmon ? Yes it's awesome but real !

I started the work with a mate who had the same age than me. We had maked air lifters with big tubes to put into the fishes tank. The goal is to increased the water circulation in the tank.

I aslo worked in the nursery, where I discovered for the first an automatic egg-sorting machine able to sort 100 000 eggs per hour ! But we had to do a second check by the hand to be sure that the final quality be perfect.

Tuesday,13th of June

I Ieave Podlen to go to Mjanes. This sea-plant is dedicated to the growth (like many others). The cages are very huge, they mesure 25 squares meters and 30 to 45 meters of depth ! 

The feeding is automatic but we had to fill up the each silo with pellets using a fork lift truck. I had the chance to earn the CASES license at my school, so I was able to drive this truck and then fill up silos by myself ! 

We also used the fork lift truck to lift up the deads fishes in the bottom. We pulled-up ropes with pulleys to lift up a circular little net which contains dead fishes. That avoid to get "back-sick".

In sea-plants, there is a sea-lices check every monday. This operation consists to check how many percent of sea-lices there is on twenty salmons. Sea-lices are parasites present one the salmon only and these parasites make damages on all the body of salmon and could cause death. that's why this check is very important.

I leanrt a particular fact. There are Lomp-fishes into each cages with salmons. These little fishes knew by their eggs consumed to replace sturgeon caviar, are used to eat sea-lices on the body of salmons. Awesome isn't it ?

Monday, 19th of june

At Mjanes, I participated to the biggest fish sorting of my life. We had to sort 200 tons of salmons, it's around 75 000 salmons, one per one. This operation has needed 8 - 9 persons during three weeks. There was a special boat equiped of a crane and  of special tanks to allow to handle the salmons.

The goal was to selected future brood stock, so we looked up for mature and no mature salmons.

Thursday, 6th of july

When we've finished the sorting, we had to clean up and desinfect the boat to avoid contaminations. This is important because the boat is used in each plants of fishfarming. This operation is done to the main office at Lammaneset. 

The same day, I had a special interview with Bjorg Mette Antonsen, the managing directof of BOLAKS. She presented me the enterprise since her creation until today and we have talked about it. 

It was very interesting to learn how norwegien's have started to farm salmons.

Friday, 7th of july

I was going to Flua to repare bird nets. These nets protect salmons of the birds predation.

They are sewed by a special way, then it need to use a special knot. I was a good experience to learn that because this kind of protection nets is used in many types of aquacultures. More, it's pleasant when you do something by the right way and see that you've done a good job.

Monday 10th of july

At Sundvord is starting a big operation of cages exchange. Indeed, the cages are exchanged because there are many algaes and that's avoid the oxygen to circulate freely through the cage. There is a huge roller of the both side of each cage. One roller is empty, it gonna roll-up the old cage, and the other roller unroll the new cage. So the both rollers turn together. We have to make sure that no one of lomp-fishes be rolled with the cage. If, yes, the cage is stopped and the lomp-fishes are realized one per one.

We have done this operation on four differents plants, so around thirty cages.

Thursday, 20th of july

I came back to Flua to continue reparing bird nets, with 3 others work mates. 

This day was one of the first day particularely sunny and hot. So it was pleasant to work without tee-shirt. But with this high sun and the reflection of it on the water, we have taken very big sun hits !    That's why you have to be careful with the sun if you work close to the water.

Monday, 24th of july

For my last week, I finish my trip to Oterstegen. I see for the first time big circular cages, equiped by the Lift-Up system. I had the chance to use this system, but when the dead fishes arrive to the surface by a pipe, the smell is really horrible. Fortunately, we wearring raincoats and gloves... ! 

Sunday, 30th of july

It's time to go back from where I come... 

My mind is completely off... But my head full of incredible things and peoples that I will never forget. My expectings has been filled. 

A trip in Norway is something that I should not have imagined to do some years ago, but I took my chance. So everything is possible if you take your chance. 


PS : Some pictures on the wonderful landscapes.

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