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Bom dia, Hello (bonjours...?)!!

First.... Who I am ?

.....I'm no one..... (like Arya Stark *-* )

No seriously I'm Maria Pouget, a student of La Canourgue in water management formation.

To summarize, my school, Louis Pasteur de la Canourgue (in Lozère), gave me a unique opportunity, going to Brazil!

As part of my training, the BTSA Management and Control of the WATER we must do 3 internships of 4 weeks. This training teaches us how to manage, treat and protect water. But what better for understand the global situation than to look elsewhere?

That's why I was fortunate to be offered a 4 weeks internship in Brazil accompanied by a friend of class (which I'll talk about her more later).

The water situation in Brazil is very interesting. I'm like a lot of people, I imagined myself going on an adventure in wild jungles, seeing tropical forests and a beautiful nature! Yet I was very surprised!

In Brazil they say : "It takes more than one life to see all of Brazil," and that's very true. Brazil alternates between the humid forests of the Amazon, the desert regions of the Catinga, the temperate climate of Rio de Janeiro and the cold and frozen zones of the south!

Everywhere water is different.

The place I'm going to talk to is often unknown. The Catinga, this area of ​​northeastern Brazil, is known for its dry climate, without water and also by its immense river: Rio San Fransisco. I will not tell you more about this river and let you discover the blog of my friend who speaks more at length:

For my part, I will tell you what I saw at the Federal Institute of Petrolina, where we conducted our internship.

(yes it's here !)

The school system is very different in Brazil. I can not explain it in detail but here is what I understood: the federal institute of Petrolina welcomes students from the baccalauréat to the engineer. It is a school that makes the so-called "middle" and "superior" formations.

In addition, this school is completely free. Yes, yes FREE. No expenses for canteen, boarding, outings ... And the best? Students receive financial assistance to go to school.
And the cherry? Even trips are COMPLETELY paid for! Air ticket, fees, and even leisure.

Unfortunately, many students of this institute don't do it. Why would you tell me?
They do not have the basic (but really basic) level in English and they do not have the priority to discover the world. (last phone is more important ...)

Anyway! The institute have 100 hectares of plots for training and agriculture in the region: coconut, mango, papaya, grape, banana, passion fruit (maracuja!), Carrot, salad ... To much for say them all !

From here we will talk about why I did this intership, water!

In view of Petrolina's climate, irrigation is a priority. The very short distance between the river and the bypass channel for irrigation (Kassandra's blog: allow the school to irrigate the plots.

Different systems are used for irrigation, they are divided into 2 categories:

→ Spraying: small or large outlets (suspended for small ones) diffuse water over large or large perimeters to irrigate plants. These systems may be inefficient if the crops are too spaced and allows the plants to grow.

→ There is also the drip which delivers exactly at the foot of the plant and thus decreases the perdition. This system is economical in terms of water, however it is necessary to adapt to the distances between each dripper to optimize irrigation.

Yet, you and me must think :" No too muche water, she must have a perfect management ! ".

Yet, you and I should think that with so little water, it must be well managed!

There is sadness. It is very different. A large amount of water is lost in the pipes but this does not seem important to anyone. Simply that the price of this lost water is lower than the price of repairs ... Thus water is a rare source in the Catinga but it is still ignored.

(leaching of soils because water leakage)

I also remind you that if you wish more information on this subject I let you read the blog of Kassandra:

Water is life, as it is useless to make war, it is useless to lose water!

Brazil is beautiful, if you are lucky like to discover it, I can say you just one think : DO IT !

I have some travel advice to offer:

→ Take a secret pocket for your money, blue card, passport ...

→ Take the official taxis rather than those "unofficial", it is more expensive yes but safer! Oh, do not hesitate to negotiate the prices of the taxis it can go down!

→ If you have a small box or waterproof bottle (opaque it's better) you can hide your money inside or under your towel at the beach. (lived and approved)

→ In tourist towns people talk to you quickly, just ignore them.

→ Let your vital space in French, you can't have one in Brazil. (no joke)

→ Do not be surprised if the person you were waiting for or having a rendezvous is late is normal!

With this and the advice of my friend Kassandra:

, you are ready for the adventure.

If I have to conclude on one thing: "When you travel you leave with fears, you come back with regrets. ".

So you who read this if you are offered to travel ... OSE!

Now, pics ?

(it's my pictures, if you want use them ask me ! )

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Commentaire de Ygrié Jean-christophe le 17 janvier 2018 à 11:03
Very nice blog...I really enjoyed reading it :)

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