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J1 - from LYON to VALETTA

Quelle idée de partir un jour de grève pour une destination où c'est jour férié !!!

Heureusement, tout s'est passé sans encombre, aucune incidence ni d'un côté ni de l'autre.

Mon périple a commencé par un covoiturage très enrichissant avec un représentant du gouvernement Ivoirien venu observer notre…


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My training course in Ireland

Hello everybody !

My name is Romane ans I am in terminal CGEH ( Conduite et Gestion d'une Entreprise Hippique ) at Montmorillon, I spend one month in Ireland in june last years ! I took the plane from La Rochelle to Dublin with my friends, Camille and Mathias. It was my first flight, I was quite stressed but more excited ! Then, we landed at Dublin at 4:30 PM ! After, I took the bus for 2 hours to went in my structure, The Foret Stable, next to Fivemiletown in the Northern Ireland !…


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Journée Régionale de la Coopération Internationale des établissements publics aquitains

Réfléchir ensemble sur la mission de coopération internationale des établissements agricoles dans un monde en mutation  – tel est l’objet de la journée consacrée aux établissements agricoles aquitains qui se tiendra au LEGTPA de Dax le 7 avril prochain.…


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J-3 avant départ pour Malte

J-3 avant départ pour Malte

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Compte rendu du voyage au Cameroun, à Ebolowa.


  Actuellement étudiant en 2ème année de BTS Sciences et Technologie des Aliments au CFA Jules Rieffel à St Herblain, nous avons, avec nos formateurs et les étudiants, travaillé en France sur un projet d'atelier de transformation de cacao à Ebolowa, au Cameroun.

  Le but de ce projet est de créer un atelier de transformation de cacao, sur le site du Collège Régional Agricole d'Ebolowa, pour que les étudiants du CRA ainsi que les producteurs locaux puissent se former à…


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Tout ce passe très bien, c'est une des plus belles expériences de ma vie. Je ne regrette rien, absolument rien du tout...…


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RJAL 2016:MIRANDA,une partie de couleurs et de cultures.

Se résoudre à partir,loin,adopter une vie différente de ce qu'on aurait toujours connu n'est pas chose facile.

Durant un week end pourtant nous nous fréquentâmes sans nous connaître,venant de chaque maille de la France avec des accents ,des sourires et des cultures peu différentes.

Différentes sont nos destinations et nous avons appris que la plus belle façon d'appréhender notre voyage c'est d'apprendre à connaître notre prochain sans préjugés,d'oser donner la main sans regret et… Continuer

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Here we, Saumya, Preetam and Ranjeet ,are back again to share our some of our last days in France...

On 15th march 2016 we had our final presentation and we all were in our traditional Indian dress..


Here is a video that helps you yo have a frame about our India..

And it was the last time with our friends..We can’t explain those…


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My training course in a western stabble

Hi everybody !

My name is Flavie, I am 17 and last year, in June, I stayed a month in England for a training course.

I took the plane alone from Limoges to Leeds Bradford airport. My trainer, Emma et her husband, Glen collected me at the airport. They have two dogs: Mia and Ozzie.

The yard is situate in Masham, in the North Yorkshire…


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My training course in Ireland

hello guys,

I went to Ireland near a small village "Athy", i saw dirky street;  athy's streets are  smaller than my village here in France .

with my trainer we went to  the show and i saw a Church, after i grommed her horse and met a lot of important people for  exemple the ireland team at the event .

i was lucky beacause my trainer had a suprise for me .

i went to Dublin during the horse show, i saw the nation cup with known riders as in  "Scott Brash "…


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Hello, I took the plane from Poitiers to Shannon with Kerrie, Olivia and Kerrie's parents. With Kerrie's parents, we took a car for going to my yard at Glandmire next to Cork. In my placement, they d…


I took the plane from Poitiers to Shannon with Kerrie, Olivia and Kerrie's parents. With Kerrie's parents, we took a car for going to my yard at Glandmire next to Cork. In my placement, they do livery, group clinics, shoxjumping, dressage and cross country. The address mail is In my placement there are grooming stalls, an arena, an indoor arena, a shed for hay/ wilbarow/ fork, cross country track fields and a big yard. I…


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My training course in Scotland

Hello everybody !

I'm Emma JACUMIN, I preparing vocational A levels in farm management (option horse breeding and riding) in Agricultural college Jean-Marie BOULOUX / 85 500 / MONTMORILLON / FRANCE

I went in Scotland with a friend in June. I took the plane in Charles de Gaules Aeroport in Paris and I changed the plane in Manchester. I landed in Inverness Aeroport in Scotland. My Trainer came in the aeroport and we took the the car for my yard.

I stay in Scotland one…


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My tranning course in Wales

Hello, My name is Camille NICOLAIZEAU and I am in Montmorillon for my school. It's my last years in my agricultur college, preparing vocational A levels in farm management…


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My trainning course in scotland

I went to scotland for one mouth in June

I took the plane in Bordeaux to go to Edinburgh, my familly picked me up at the airport, my familly lived in Laurieston it is  2hours from Edinburgh.

During my trainning course i rode horses and mucked out, fed, lunged and hacked.i  rode lots of hoses during my training course.

My familly is very welcoming and very nice!…


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My Training Abroad !

Hello, My name is Anaïs Audaire

I went to Ireland with Equipeople for my training course in August 2015.

I took the plane in France, in Poitiers and i landed in Ireland, at Shannon airport. It wasn't my first flight because in August 2014, i went to Scotland with my family.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland.

After one week in a bad placement for me in Clonmel, near Limerick, i changed, so i took the bus during 3 hours from Clonmel to Cork.

When i arrived at…


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My training course in Scotland

Hi everybody,

I took the plane at Paris from Manchester and Manchester from Scotland with Emma. I went in Scotland at june 2015.

Jenny and Niel lives at Forres.

I work with Jenny in the livery stables.

My work : I rode everyday, I poopicked the fields, I drove the tractor, I removed the…


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My traning course in England

Hi my name is Tom

For my work experience I went to England in Southampton in LANDFORD COMMON STUD.

The yard is specialized in breeding sport horses, for show jumping or eventing. All horses are quality horses.

Before taking a plane I was little bit stressed, because I never took a plane alone.

When I arrived in England I was very happy, my host family is welcoming.

I stayed 4 weeks, for my training course : I groomed , I poo-picked, I rode, I cleaned…


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My training course in Ireland


My name is Kerrie, I'm 17 years old, I'm english.

I took the plaine in Poitiers and I landed in Shannon, I took the plaine with Juline and Olivia.

I arrived at Fernhill Sport Horses on Sunday 7th June 2015, in the evening. they are situaded in Killkenny, 2 minutes drive from the town center.

I started my work on the monday, I brought horses in from the paddocks and trotted them up because they were at a show that weekend. I mucked out, rode and poo…


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Important points to know..before coming to India..!!

Bonjour   friends...

We are Saumya ,Preetam and Ranjeet..who are here in France for the exchange programme DEFFIA-2 ,batch 2016..

This blog is exclusively made for for the French students who are willing to come to India..

We hope that this blog is useful to you all...!!!

Firstly , We  would like to congratulate you for being selected..!!

And you are most welcomed in India..

Here is a photo uploaded for all the important points that you must…


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Namaste ... Bonjour..!!

We are Saumya,Preetam and Ranjeet..!!

We really hope that you would have enjouyed our first part of the blog...We hope to maintain the same interest in you as you have shown in our first blog..

So you are most welcome to our world of exploring..part-2..

After returning back from Romain’s house..we started our daily classes and the same routine again..

But for this weekend..something big was waiting for us to come...!!



Ajouté par saumya pandey le 11 mars 2016 à 16:30 — 2 commentaires

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